KD40 Clinic Module 4 Drawer


With its modular structure, it provides functionality and esthetics to your workplace.It unites the characteristics of the place with ergonomics and thus ensures a comfortable workspace and contributes to the enhancement of the performance of the users.

Project and manufacturing in various sizes and characteristics of various models is available for customer requirements.

Modular tables can be made of any of the laminate, stainless steel, glass or acrylic materials.

The inside of the drawers can optionally be manufactured with separators.



  • Dolabın tamamında 1mm kalınlığında dkp sac kullanılmıştır.
  • Cabinet size:500x500x850mm H
  • In the lower section, cabinet is placed on 100mm high plinth.
  • There are knuckle feet under the plinth which balance the cabinet.-Cabinet consists of four drawers.The first drawer on top has 80mm cover height, the second has 160mm cover height and the third and the fourth drawers have 240mm cover height.
  • Drawer rails have roller bearing system and suspension system.Thanks to these features, the drawers can be used and cleaned easily.
  • There are embedded handles on the front section of the drawers.
  • It is possible to add separators to the drawers.
  • On the cabinet there is a laminated table over 18mm thick rasping sheet.
  • The rear edge of the table is heightened 50mm.
  • Table application can be manufactured with glass, compact or acrylic materials to the needs.
  • All of the metal sections are painted with electrostatic powdered paint and ovendried in 200 °C.