DH-50 KİOSK Plus

  • Staric and dynamic data flow with dual monitors.
  • Customisable design with any color combination and front panel applications you prefer
  • Programmable Ticket and Queue numbers
  • Programmable operator authorizations
  • Manitenance-free industrial thermal printer
  • Controlled ventilation system for cabin
  • 2 units of 17″ or 19″ touchscreen
  • Easy Hardware Update Feature (Intel / AMD)

DH-50 KİOSK Plus Technical Features

  • Base section is made of 2mm thick DKP sheet.
  • Casing section is made of 1.2mm thick DKP sheet.
  • Rear covers are made of 1mm thick DKP sheet.
  • Covers have hinges and locking features.
  • The front section is manufactured in a way to allow application of single or dual monitors.
  • There are barcodescanner and thermal printer output locations on the front setion.
  • All of the metal sections are painted with electrostatic powdered paint and ovendried in 200 °C.