G10 Open Surgery Monitoring System

It provides uninterrupted and non-disturbing operation and light area for open surgeries.

With the flexible camera and monitoring system, it offers recording and monitoring chances.

G10 Open Surgery Monitoring System Technical Features

– Frame of the foot is manufactured of polyurethane cast material.

-Two of the five 50 mm diameter wheels have break mechanisms.

-The pole connected to the foot consists of two intertwining pipes.

-Stainless pipes with Q32x1.5mm on the exterior and Q19x1.5mm on the interior sections were used.

-Pole minimum opening height is 1350mm and maximum opening height is 1750mm.

-On the pole there is 1 350x450mm shelf and a drawer.

-There is a monitor connection equipment with adjustable height on the upper section of shelf and drawer module.

-Monitor connection equipment has 15° tilting capacity and it is manufactured in VESA 75-100 standards.

There is a flexible camera connection clamp with adjustable height on the upper section of the pole.

-Thanks to the flexible section, it is possible to stabilize the camera in required position.

-There is a four pin plug group with 3m cable and a cable winding tool on the stand.

-Optionally, a power supply can be mounted on the stand and the system can be operated mobile.