It is designed for use in patient rooms in hospitals, medical centers and clinics.It is durable, functional and easy to use.

K10-Bedstand Technical Features

  • Size: 455 X 410 X 900 H
  • It consists of upper table, drawer and cabinet sections.
  • Upper table is wooden and formica covered over 18mm rasping sheet.
  • Sides of the table are 18x1mm pvc.
  • 1mm DKP sheet is used on all parts of the metal body.
  • The inner dimensions of the drawer are 340x310x105mm.
  • The dimensions of the middle section are 355x420x200mm.
  • The inner dimensions of the cabinet are 420x360x440mm.
  • There is a handle on both the drawer and the cabinet cover.
  • 4 wheels with 50 mm diameter, two of which are with breaks, are used on the feet of the stand.
  • Package sizes are 470 X 430 X 920mm H.