L10-Examination Lamp

It is designed for use in consulting rooms, in vitro fertilization centers, dental clinics and pet hospitals.

L10-Examination Lamp Technical Features

  • Bearing feet are made of polyurethane casting and have 5 wheels.
  • The diameter of the wheels is Q50mm. Two of these have break mechanisms.
  • The circular gap of the bearing foot is 550mm.
  • Lamb can be disconnected and reconnected to the bearing.
  • With the bearing, the height of the lamb connection is 85cm.
  • Lamb can be adjusted vertically.
  • The full height is 125cm up to Lamp connection.
  • The height of the lamp is 85 cm from connection point.
  • Lamp is flexible and mobile.
  • The complete height of the lamp is 160cm.
  • It has 12W LED light, White and Daylight colors are available.
  • Total weight is 5,5 Kg.
  • PACKAGE SIZE :600X600X1250MM