C20 Fume Hood Over the Counter

With easy use and powerful suction system, it provides a safe and efficient working environment.There are two basic models, which are over the counter and with cabinet.

It can be manufactured in various sizes in accordance with the purpose of use.

Ç20 Fume Hood Over the Counter

  • Fume hood exterior dimensions:
  • Width:     1450mm
  • Depth:       900mm
  • Height: 1300mm
  • 1.2 mm thick sheet is used for all parts of fume hood.
  • Only the working table of the fume hood is made of Cr-Ni steel.
  • After the welding points and sharp corners are cleaned in construction phase, sheet surfaces are subjected to phosphatization and cleaned from oil and dirt and prepared for painting and all the metal parts are painted with epoxy/polyester electrostatic powdered paint and ovendried in 200°C.
  • On the work table of the fume hood, there is a valve for gas, a regulator for pressure adjustment and relevant connection parts.
  • On the front section of the fume hood tempered and guillotine system safety glass is used.
  • There are electricity and control systems operating with 220V city grid in the section under the work table of the fume hood.
  • In the electricity system, there is a system on/off switch, 3 16 ah plugs, 1 fluorescent fixture control switch, 1 automatic fuse and fan control and speed adjustment switches.
  • In the hood fume, 1050m3/h capacity 220V channel type and made of propylene material, which is resistant to acids, fan is used.