D30 Safety Cabinet Small

It allows safe storage of hazardous materials with its sturdy and durable structure.

It can be manufactured in various sizes and characteristics in accordance with the need.

D30 Safety Cabinet Small Technical Features

  • Size: 1200x600x950
  • All of the cabinet is manufactured from 1 mm thick sheet with two walls.
  • Cr-Ni manufacture is possible when required.
  • All of the cabinet is painted with epoxy powder paint and ovendried in 200 °C.
  • For air circulation, there are two resistant to acid fans on the upper section of the cabinet.
  • Fan shaft output diameter is 100 mm.
  • There are 2 shelves with adjustable height within the cabinet.
  • Shelves are manufactured with heightened edges against tilts and liquid spills.
  • Shelves are manufactured with removable characteristics.
  • There are plastic cords on cabinet covers to prevent air outlet.
  • There are knuckle feet on the lower section to balance the cabinet.
  • The covers of the cabinet have hinges and locks in three points.
  • There is a grounding connection on the cabinet.
  • There are warning signs on the cabinet.