M40 Technician Desk Two-Seater

M40 Technician Desk Two-Seater Technical Features

  • M40 Technician Desk Two-Seater Technical Features
  • Desk Size 215 x 60 x 86cm ( h )
  • 1 mm and 1.5 mm thick dkp sheet is used in metal parts of the desk.
  • Desk feet and lighting fixtures are made of 40x40x1.5mm box profile.
  • Knuckle footings are used under the desk for balancing.
  • Total weight 145 kg.
  • Desk lighting is provided with 3×18 watt decorative fixture.
  • Desk electricity system operates with 220V AC 50 hz.
  • Desk table and shelf is made of 30mm laminate coated chipboard.
  • All of the metal sections are painted with electrostatic powdered paint and ovendried in 200 °C.
  • There are two air sprays over the desk.
  • There are two gas taps over the desk.
  • There are 2 220 Volt plugs for microengine.
  • There are two vacuum engines over the desk and their cycles can be adjusted.
  • Vacuum engine is 2800 Watt and 28.000 rpm.
  • There are two suction claws and work sheets over the table.
  • There are connection points for knee-operated microengine.
  • Dust collecting bag is easily accessible.