A50 EEG – EMG Trolley


Carrying trolley ergonomically hosting all the system including monitor, power supply and cables with the equipments provides great comfort and safety.



  • 1.2 mm thick sheet is used on the metal parts of the stand.
  • Front and rear push arms of the stand are made of 25 mm diameter pipe.
  • The upper table of the stand is made of 8 mm thick compact material by special molding.
  • There is a keyboard shelf under the upper table.
  • Keyboard shelf is made of 8 mm thick compact material and works with telescopic spring system.
  • There is a table for placing the mouse next to the keyboard shelf.
  • Mouse table is made of compact material and with a special mechanism in its sliding system, it prevents free movement by stopping when completely open or close.
  • The poles on sides of the stand are made of two parts.
  • The inner part of the pole is connected to lower chassis and foot section with bolts. Thanks to the adjustment holes on this section, it is possible to adjust the height of the keyboard shelf and optionally, additional shelves can be mounted and the height of these can be adjusted.

    Pole covers can be attached to or removed from the inner pole from lower and upper sections with special snap fasteners. Moreover, all the cables of the system can be hid in this section and they can be easily accessed when needed.

  • There is a drawer module on the lower section to hide consumables and other accessories.
  • It is designed for standard systems that work with laptop computers, however, if the system is going to be used with PC and monitor, monitor connection equipment and additional shelf for computer case can be supplied.
  • There is a four point safety plug on the rear.
  • Stand has 4 rotating wheels of 125 mm diameter. Two of these have break systems.
  • Metal sections of the stand are painted with electrostatic powdered paint and ovendried in 200 °C.