T20 KBB Endovision Trolley

T20 KBB Endovision Trolley Technical Features

  • Main frame consists of 45×45 and 45×90 mm sigma profile on both sides and 45x45mm bearing sigma profile on the bottom section.Frame dimensions: 530 x 500 x 1270 mm (width x depth x height)
  • Side sigma profiles are bolted to the bearing sigma profile at the bottom vertically (90°) and manufactured in a way to disassemble for transport.
  • Shelves are manufactured in 440X480X35 mm dimensions.
  • There are two push arms on each of the side profiles on the front and rear of the stand.
  • Telescopic roller bearing with 400mm length for drawer and 350mm length for keyboard are used. This way, the maximum usage of drawer inner space is ensured.
  • All sheet metal surfaces are painted with electrostatic powdered paint and ovendried in 200 °C.
  • Each of the 4 100 mm diameter rotating, trackless and silent wheels, 2 of which have break mechanisms, have 80kg bearing capacity.
  • Alongside with five grounding plugs, 8 ampere fuse and 5 m cable are located in its own casing.
  • It is disassembled in the rear section of the trolley. Cable winding tool is mounted on the side of the plug group.
  • Monitor holding equipment is positioned in the centre and it is manufactured in a way to allow turning, tilting and locking if required. Connection VESA 75/100

In Standard Trolley;

  • 1 main chasis
  • 4 shelves with adjustable height
  • 1 keyboard shelf
  • 1 drawer module
  • 1 monitor bearing equipment
  • 1 five pin plug fuse and 5m cable.


  • Camera and endoscope holder (can be mounted on right and left sides)
  • Camera holder connected to the trolley
  • Bearing equipment for gas cylinder can be mounted on the back of drawer module. Maximum diameter for the gas cylinder is 155 mm.

The packing dimensions for disassembled standard trolley are

1300 x 680 x 250mm. In this condition, the weight of the trolley is 40kg.