T50 Ultrasound Trolley

T50 Ultrasound Trolley Technical Features

  • 1.2 mm thick sheet is used on all parts of the stand.
  • Foot section of the stand is made of 30x40x1.5mm thick box profile.
  • Special impact preventing plastic buffers are added to the ends of the foot profiles.
  • The strength of the main pole which also carries the shelves is enhanced by special twisting.
  • It is made of sheet profile and fixed to the foot section with bolts.
  • Thanks to the connection holes on the main pole, it is possible to adjust the shelves at required height and to add shelves as required.
  • On the upper and lower covers of the pole, there are holes for cables.
  • Shelves are manufactured with twisted and heightened ends in order to prevent materials from falling.
  • There is a push arm on the front section of the upper shelf.
  • There are hook equipments to hang props on both side of the upper shelf.
  • 3 units of grounding plugs, 16a w automatic fuse and 5 m 3×1.5 ttr cable are embedded behind the main pole. There is also a cable winding tool in this section.
  • The cable duct and dust preventing brush for the system cables are also on the rear section of the main pole.
  • 100 mm diameter rotating wheels are used on the foot section. Two of these have break mechanisms.
  • All of the metal sections are painted with electrostatic powdered paint and ovendried in 200 °C.