T60 Mobile Trolley


Mobile trolley provides you with a compact system with ease of use and high maneuverability.

It eliminates paper waste and all other negative conditions arising from filing systems and provides you with a safe record and sharing environment.

System control and use can be achieved with minimum training.With the optimization and the conveniences it provides, it can be your assistant in clinics and services.



  • The pole manufactured from aluminium rolled profile by special molding is placed to the balance center of sheet plate with 8mm thickness and fixed with bolts.
  • The 8 mm sheet plate, which also constitutes the balance center, is covered with abs material which is pressed by creating a special mold.
  • Abs material has minimum 3mm thickness and also has impact preventing feature against possible impacts.
  • Therer are cable holes on upper and lower covers of the pole.
  • There is a cable duct with dust preventing brush on the rear section of the pole which preserves the system cables safely and in a close environment.
  • There is the mini PC cabinet on the upper section of the pole. This section is manufactured with covers and lock.
  • As the cover part is manufactured from Plexiglas it allows controlling the PC without opening the lock.
  • There is a drawer module for storing keyboard, mouse, cable etc. on the upper section of the cabinet.
  • Drawer module operates with roller bearing system and has locking function.
  • There is a 10 mm Plexiglas table on the drawer module.
  • There are slots on the plexi table to pull the stand easily.
  • There is a monitor bearing equipment with adjustable height clamp on the rear side of the plexi table.
  • Monitor holding equipment is positioned in the centre and it is manufactured in a way to allow turning, tilting and locking if required. Connection vesa 75/100
  • There is a power supply module on the base section of the trolley, which allows the system to move freely.
  • The demountable power supply module is manufactured in a way to feed the system uninterruptedly for 2 hours.
  • All of the metal sections are painted with electrostatic powdered paint and ovendried in 200 °C.
  • There are 4 rotating wheels, two of which have break mechanisms.