T90 Plasma Display Trolley Dual Monitor


It can be used in many fields like meetings and presentations such as training in telemedicine.

It provides the users with durable, solid and adjustable mobile solutions with easy setup and use.



  • The foot and base sections of the trolley is made of special profile manufactured of 2 mm thick dkp metal sheet by twisting. The base sheet is alsı supported with stiffening plate from behind and its endurance is increased.
  • Middle pole is made of 2mm thick dkp sheet by means of twisting and creating a special profile to bear the monitor without bending.
  • Middle pole is placed on the base section in a way to form the center for balance and gravity and bending is avoided with a secondary bearing system from under the base.
  • There are holes for cables on the lower and upper covers of the pole.
  • There is a cable duct safely preserving the cables with dust catching brush on the back side of the pole.
  • There are adjustments holes for monitor bearing equipment on the upper section of the pole.  This way, the height of the monitor can be adjusted for the needs of the user.
  • Monitor bearing equipment consists of 2 units of sliding knuckles which can tilt 15′ and the connection pan which connects these knuckles to the monitor.
  • All parts of monitor bearing equipment is made of 3mm thick aluminium sheet by special twisting. The monitor is beared safely with the parts strength of which is enhanced this way.
  • Special connection profile is manufactured in order to mount two separate displays on the trolley.
  • On the rear of the base section, the w automatic fuse and six pin grounding plug are embedded. Group plug has a 3×15 ttr cable of 5 m length. There is a cable winding equipment right on top of the plug.
  • There are 2 push arms on the upper side sections of the pole.
  • On the front section of the pole 2 transparent Plexiglas  boxes are located just below the display for placing brochures, magazines etc.
  • All sheet and aluminium equipments are painted with electrostatic powdered paint and ovendried in 200 °C.
  • 4 units of plastic wheels with 75 mm diameter, 2 of which are with breaks, are used on the feet of the stand.