P120- Telescope Sterilization Basket


It is designed to provide the optimum sterilization conditions in sterilization units for endoscope tools to be used in surgery rooms and sterilization units.

It ensures safe disinfection and transportation of endoscopic tools.



  • Size :460X80X55MM H 290X80X55MM H
  • It is designed to store the optics with maximum convenience during washing and sterilization processes.
  • Basket body is manufactured from 2mm diameter cr-ni rods.
  • The exterior frames of the basket are manufactured from 5mm diameter cr-ni rods.
  • The upper cover of the basket is manufactured from 1mm thick cr-ni matted wire. pore gap is 4x4mm.
  • The upper cover of the basket is manufactured by special twisting and with lock.
  • To fix the optics safely, the holders are manufactured from cr-ni supported soft silicon material.
  • It can be manufactured in any requested dimensions.