P20-Tool Table


It is designed in order to be used in all sterile areas such as surgery rooms, sterilization units, attention rooms, emergency clinics etc.

It can be disinfected and used easily.



P20-Tool Table Technical Features

  • All parts of it are made of 1 mm thick Cr-Ni sheet.
  • Feet are made of Q30x1.2mm cr-ni pipe.
  • Edges of the shelf are heightened for safe carrying.
  • The internal supports used under the shelves provide extra sturdiness and safety.
  • All junctures are reinforced with tig welding.
  • Four 360° rotating Q50mm diameter wheels with ball bearing, two of which with break mechanism, are used.
  • Warranted against manufacturing defects for two years.
  • It can be manufactured in any requested dimensions.
  • Size:1000 X 700 X 900 H
  • Package size:1050X700X950 H